Preludes to Passion

Preludes to Passion
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“…Beautiful, transcent, passionate. I found myself listening to this CD over and over…delicate touch…something so gentle and lyrical…” — Lifestyles Magazine, June 21, 2001″…Laura Leon played with an even blend of fine technique, intelligence and passion…” — The New Music Connoisseur, May 21, 2001

“Preludes to Passion:” is an invitation to beautiful and intimate piano works. Each composition–though brief and evanescent–resonates with emotion, enveloping the listener. Several works are vocal in origin and evolved into stunning keyboard works. Bartok’s “Wedding Song” was composed for mixed chorus and accompaniment. The choral parts “sing” beautifully from the piano and joined with the original accompaniment, transform the song into a dramatic two-piano expression of love and regre…

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Preludes to Passion